Friday, May 1, 2015

Of Flowers, Ribbons and Hobby Horses... Happy May Day!

Krista Huot* - The May Queen
Did you decorate a flowered maypole (or tree) with ribbons today?
Or get a visit from the "hobby horse"?
We did...

If you're wondering what I'm talking about, you can read a summary of the celebration - which has variations all over the world - (it's not just a UK/Celtic tradition) HERE. The short article explains the history, traditions and various characters that appear on the 1st of May. Beltane, also celebrated on May 1st, isn't discussed but isn't completely separate either, and there are definitely fairies involved with that celebration as well.

You can read a Scottish fairy tale (or perhaps it should be called fairy story) about a fairy horse appearing on Beltane's-eve HERE, titled The Water Horse of Poll Nan Craobhan.

Happy May Day!

*Krista Huot has created many fairy tale illustrations, as well as various fairies, and faery folk and events. What's a May Day without fairies?

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