Saturday, May 9, 2015

New "Tale of Tales" Trailers, Posters, Descriptions & TONS of Stills!

My goodness, this film looks more amazing every time I see more about it. This was going to be a short post: new trailers, new poster, few screen shots - done - but no. There is a TON of new stuff released about this movie and I have to share it all (ok - not all, this post would have been twice as long and I didn't include the gorier stuff so you can feel OK about scrolling if you have family or work mates around.)

These trailers ARE both safe for work and kids by the way, so no worries there (a little blood and dirt and some skin but nothing too terrible). Here they are:
There are also two new posters - I go back and forth between which one I like better, though the first one that looks like a labyrinth was completely stunning, and I'm glad I saw that first.
There is an interview with Garrone in the Italian Huffington Post HERE and I'm including a few badly translated excerpts for you:

"... the raw violence of the tales of Giambattista Basile, with its medieval matrix, it seems to narrow current. Back on top passions and desires, as in fairy tales, which are always true, as he said Italo Calvino, because they speak of the human being. And fairy tales are archetypes, and the archetypes are always modern and universal ", (says Director Matteo Garrone).
In  “Il racconto dei racconti”, which will be outside Italy "Tale of Tales" because it is shot in English, the horror regaining the dignity of the prototypes, the "fairy tales mothers" that is, fantasies for adults, not children, and all strings of passion made of flesh and blood, of dreams and nightmares, of wandering from ugly to sublime the popular imagination conspire to create an overflowing beauty. It is a film of excess, to Garrone, as were the 50 tales of "Lu cunto de cunti them", by the genius of Giambattista Basile, Neapolitan in the first '600 provided the source material to edulcorazioni most famous Grimm, of Perrault , of Andersen. A film of excesses to be enjoyed in awe as a child listening to a fairy scary, with those slimy monsters and carnal that no creature could match digital, joyfully stolen even those pre-crafts film special effects, even B-movies of yesteryear.
The excesses are straight from the imaginary popular and eternal sneer against the powerful. There is the all-consuming need maternity Queen Salma Hayek, who feeds a bloody dragon heart to give birth to the son of the victim will be coveted and exclusive passion. There is the paradoxical whim of Toby Jones, another sovereign, who stuffs a flea to the tonnage of an ox by sacrificing his only child. Vincent Cassel is the libertine who dazed by the orgies (and "that" orgies, chapeau) goes to bed by mistake, a poor old laundress, but the signs, you know ... because the magic is still there, and the genius of Basile was able to bring forward by four centuries satire of modern cosmetic surgery. So much so that the "cunto" original was titled "The old flayed", means the illusion of regaining youth and beauty. E'bello and important about B-movies, that Garrone cites among his sources of cinema, as well as the "Casanova" by Fellini, the "Pinocchio" by Comencini and all '"Armata Brancaleone" Monicelli, the legendary Mario Bava de "The mask of the devil."
I am so very curious to see what conversations and discussions this film inspires! (Or perhaps, incites would be a better word.)

Here's a bunch more stills which bring us more intriguing story information (I've left the most bloody and explicit ones out):

I'm also including screen caps from the new WEBSITE HERE to give you more of an idea of the synopsis and different stories involved/included. (It's in Italian but if you use a translator you can understand most of it). I recommend clicking on the images so you can read the story descriptions. There's more on the website too, about the girl and the ogre. There are a TON MORE photos on the official website too - all the ones included in this post are just a sampling (seriously!).

And here are some costume designs...

A list of locations used, which was a closely guarded secret for the whole production (wow! They're going to have "Tale of Tales" tours around Italy in the future, I just know it!)...

And other random things I've found from Cannes reports and other places:

And my son ADORES this ridiculously cute giant flea (No he hasn't seen the trailers!, just the posters, and I also told him that there was a story about a man who raised a special giant flea he loved, being included in the film and wanted to see a photo):

And here's a bonus bunch of behind-the-scenes images (you can click to enlarge).


There is also the official Facebook page HERE if you want to like/ follow it as well.

What do you think? Is the film piquing your interest yet?


  1. OH MY GOD THE GIANT FLEA!! I love that story so much! It's one of my favorites from the collection (alongside Cannetella, and the Myrtle). And I love the twins too! AAAAAH I WANT TO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW!
    (The Pentamerone was the first collection I told stories from when I decided to become a professional storyteller. I was a Renaissance reenactor at the time and I used them for storytelling at historical festivals).

  2. Thank you so much for all this info and stills, it one of my absolute favourites when it comes to fantasy, nothing of that sanitized Hollywood crap.