Friday, October 30, 2020

Carterhaugh's All-Halloween-Day Online Event "Haunted" will be full of Folkloric Revelry, Ghostly Storytelling, Visiting Witches, Creating Fairy Tales and Spells and More! (last day to register!)

Art by Aaron Jasinkski

 It's Halloween Eve! So... All Hallow's Eve-Eve... yeah. 

The 31st is less than 24 hours away and if you're ready to get all dressed up but have no Halloween ball to go to and feel like you're going to turn into a pumpkin yourself at this point in the crazy, we have just the thing:

Carterhaugh's School of Folklore and the Fantastic's

Haunted: An Online Halloween Extravaganza!

In this all-day online Halloween event, you can get your witchy party on, let your purple locks down in full folklore mode, tell stories till you shiver, weave spells and magic with words and fairy tales, or pour bewitching drinks and sing ballads till you cackle and cry and much more, all in your Halloween best!

It's an extravaganza indeed: this is an all-day-long series of folklore-filled Halloween events with an amazing lineup of folklorists, artists, and authors at the top of their game. Look at these folks!

Dr. Theodora Goss, author of Snow White Learns Witchcraft and The Extraordinary Adventures of the Athena Club series
Lindsey Marton O’Brien, founder of Lumina Noctis
Shveta Thakrar, author of Star Daughter
Dr. Kay Turner, former president of the American Folklore Society
Dr. Stephen Winick, folklorist of the Library of Congress and folksinger
Dr. Margaret Yocom, professor emerita at George Mason University
-and, of course-
Dr. Sara Cleto & Dr. Brittany Warman, the folklorists and fairy tale professors who founded The Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic

If you're wishing your Halloween had a bit more magic, or stories, or costumes, or mixed drinks and spooky ballads - this is the event for you. You can start in the morning and stay all day, or you can come to just a few (they will all be recorded)  - there are so very many different things to choose from!

Carterhaugh's Founders, Dr. Brittany Warman
& Dr. Sara Cleto a.k.a. Fairy Tale Profs

We are most excited about: 

  • the How to Write a (Halloween) Fairy Tale Writing Workshop
  • the mixing of drinks (recipes available NOW to prep!) and ballads in The Night It is Gud Hallowe'en
  • learning the way of Fairy Godmothers and Crones in the "Exploring the Witch's Way: Transgression and Transformation" workshop
  • discovering the secret transformation techniques of wood wives and other face and body painting magic with a shapechanger
  • hearing ghost stories told by authors who know how to bring the chill (and whom we're almost certain are real witches writing spells into their books!)
  • learning how to spin spells across a crowd and thoroughly enchant listeners with the "Tales from the Spirit World: Telling Our Stories" storytelling workshop
  • listening to Victorian Ghost Stories being told as the sun goes down and the veils thins..

Oh heck, we're excited about everything! 

Halloween Cat by tinca2

And there are bonus recipes! Bonus PDFs! A bonus playlist! And a Bonus Costume Contest! (That's right - wear that costume all day or change or for each event - Halloween revelry and celebration of all things magical and folkloric is highly encouraged and you know you want to anyway...!)

Go HERE for more details and to sign up. Today is the LAST DAY to get yourself a seat in this magical circle for Halloween 2020!

We would tell you more but we have to go create our costume for tomorrow! Go HERE for all the secrets, er, details and discover that the spirit of Halloween is alive and well and being celebrated like never before. There has never been anything like this folkloric-fantastic-fairytale-fabulous Halloween all-day event, and you do not want to miss out!

PS Cats and other familiars are welcome.

PPS Also: if you're in the US, and haven't already, GO VOTE! (We'll be ready to party with you when you get back)

Trick: Animated #govote jack-o-lantern to keep away the ghosts of low voter turnout.

Treat: Tell your friends to visit to find their polling station!

(animated gif by Bruce Willen)

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