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#FolktaleWeek2019 Starts November 4th & You Are All Invited!

Promotional art for sharing for #FolktaleWeek2019 by @carolinebonnemuller
Did you know there is now a yearly #FolktaleWeek happening on social media? (Instagram, Twitter and Facebook)

Originally created by a group of talented artists and children's book illustrators from all around the world, #FolktaleWeek has now expanded to include folks of all kinds, both amateur and pro, and people are encouraged to submit any form of creative work on the theme they wish. Last year they had writers, illustrators, painters, textile artists, embroiderists (!), photographers, papercrafters, cosplayers and more. They're hoping to see even more variety, from even more people this year.

Please note: in this post we have included just a few (truly!) of a huge variety of lovely pieces by folks declaring their commitment to being involved. Most of these here are by pros, but if you're not a professional artist or illustrator, don't let that stop you! (Have a look at the hashtag on Instagram HERE for a look at the HUGE variety of styles and contributions - there are so very many already, and of all levels and styles.) If the idea has you intrigued, you probably have something to contribute! There are many forms of response to the prompts and every expression is personal and unique and appreciated. It's a wonderful challenge and you might just surprise yourself...

Here's the info for this year and the directions to follow:
As temperatures start to drop and leaves start to change, it can only mean one thing: #folktaleweek is coming. This year, we’re releasing the prompts even earlier, so you’ll have plenty of time to discover folktales, work on art, or even write your own tales. And to help you get off to a good start, our friends at @illostories are dedicating their October workbook to Folktale Week!* 
by @carolinebonnemuller
Are you in? Let us know by reposting this image or making your own! 
How it works:We’ll release the prompts on Oct 7th. Then on Nov 4th, follow the prompts and share a piece of art each day. Interpret the prompts however you like. Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun. 
Use the hashtags #folktaleweek and #folktaleweek2019 to show your work and interact with other artists. The challenge hosts will pull work from the hashtags to share in our stories! 
*To get the FolkTale Week prep workbook released on Oct 6th, artists *You can join IlloStories via the link on their profile. Membership is open to artists who answer a few short questions. Doors will open to the IlloStories FaceBook group on Sept 30th and will close on Oct 13th. This is not a paid endorsement. We’re just buddies who support each other. 
Folktale Week 2019 was developed by a group of talented artists from all around the world. 
* * * * * * * 
Although this was a ridiculously difficult task, we chose a small selection from the many (many!) available, to show you the range of styles and approaches. We're didn't even get to see them all and didn't have room for all our 'favorites' but hopefully, you get the idea that anything-you-feel-like-creating goes! Click on any image to see it much bigger. Each artist's Instagram handle is below the corresponding row so you can see more of their work and follow them if you'd like. (Apologies for any odd formatting - there are a lot of pictures for Blogger to handle!)
We hope these inspire you!
@clara.phil / @sich2.1 / @irenesilvinodesign
@meg.vermaak / @debrastyer / @trudi_murray

If you're a writer, artist, doodler, comic-creator, multimedia artist, sculptor, animator, filmmaker, crafter, poet, puppet-maker, printmaker... heck, anyone who is inspired to respond in any manner on the subject of folktales and that days' prompt, take a chance, jump in and join the fun!

They are a really supportive bunch of people who love fairy tales and folktales, just like you do. You'll be in great company.

@mustudiomagic / @vonderstang_e / @sofiamoore_studio
@lunartcy / @laurairrgang / @paululadesign

@elizabethsparg / @yaga_blackhouse / @suwin.chan

@kudjakam / @hannahjdyson  / @creativebrenda

@desertcritters / @chelsealearnstodraw / @sara_netherway_illustration

@sandrabowersart/ @cinderellasews / @junulabean

@maxineleemackie / @nadjasarell / @ul_zak

@jinjermarkley / @melissagardenerart / @theuglymugwort

@caroleemcmullin / @illostories / @kimberlyjthorstenson

@spikedeane_art / @neelydaggett / @alena_selenina

@khabibova_alevtina / @light_drops  / @artbyemilyskinner  / @jumbradshaw  / @samrudddesign

@kaizendoodles  / @annna_oparina  / @robotswebe2
Already so many styles, tales and approaches!
Make sure you go to Instagram HERE to see many (MANY!) more.
We are very much looking forward to seeing all the fairy tale creations during #FolktaleWeek2019!
by @kathryndurst

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