Monday, January 22, 2018

Facebook to Film Ten-Part Series 'Sacred Lies', Based on The Handless Maiden

Maiden Without Hands Blythe Doll by Kat Caro
Note: The Blythe Doll art photos shown throughout are by Kat Caro and the various poses show aspects of her story. We thought it was a good time to show this tragic and touching art that we've been saving to share at the right time.

Sacred Lies is partly based on The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly, a novel by Stephanie Oakes, and partly on Grimm's 'The Handless Maiden'.
(Sacred Lies is about a) handless teen who escapes from a cult and finds herself in juvenile detention, suspected of knowing who killed her cult leader. Casting is currently underway. (Deadline)

The ten-part series, is set to start production sometime between March and May this year (2018) will be screened on the new SVOD* platform Facebook Watch, which was set up last year. Facebook is partnering with Blumhouse Productions, who are known for specializing in "converting low-budget horror stories into major international hits" (eg. the Insidious franchises, the Paranormal Activity movies and the acclaimed Get Out.)
“Sacred Lies is an inventive twist on a time honored fairytale which we believe will surprise and stir the Facebook Watch audience and we’re excited to be the studio producing this provocative series.” (Marci Wiseman and Jeremy Gold, co-presidents, Blumhouse Television) 
“This a young female protagonist we’ve never seen on screen before,” said (showrunner Raelle) Tucker**. “She’s complex, brave, funny…and sometimes dangerous. And she has no hands. But she refuses to let that, or her bizarre, brutal past define her or limit her. That’s the message of our series: no matter what life throws at you – ultimately only you have the power to decide what you believe and what you become. I’m beyond excited and honored to bring this unique, inspiring, badass character to life. “
Facebook Watch will be taking quite a departure from their current fare. Facebook Watch is currently known for it's "gimmicky reality shows and clips from popular internet creators" (to quote The Verge) and will be taking quite a departure for, Sacred Lies, Facebook Watch's first scripted drama, the first of many projects the social network giant is planning on, with a projected budget of $1bn on contact (yes, billion - which is still modest compared to Hulu, Amazon and Netflix for 2018), something which has intrigued filmmakers and property holders because of the "stated intent".
Translation - filmmakers: time to pitch your series and movie ideas! This is a great time for fairy tales. People are finding expression, solace, hope, a new perspective - as well as escape - in old tales and in retelling old tales in new (and needed) ways rat present, and, wonderfully, lesser known ones are coming back into popular circulation. 'The Handless Maiden' is one example of this. 'Baba Yaga', in her various complex iterations, along with 'Vasilisa', is another, as well as 'Snow White and Rose Red', and it's worth also mentioning that Krampus is once again a known figure among pop culture geeks and beyond.

As a side note, it's nice to see fairy tale protagonists who deal with disability as well. It's representation that's been lacking, apart from various mermaid explorations, but mermaids are more seen to represent previously marginalized groups such as LGBT folk. Acknowledged physical disability, whether by birth, accident or other, could use some hero representation and hopeful fairy tale retellings.

* Streaming Video On Demand
** Raellee Tucker was formerly Executive Producer on the popular HBO series, True Blood

Sources: KFTV,, The Verge

Kat Caro's Blythe Doll art was created for and shown in the Fairies & Folklore Once Upon A Blyth International Doll Exhibition in 2015

About her art doll, Kat Caro says: "The Maiden without Hands - My submission for the Fairies and Folklore show at Auguste Clown Gallery in Melbourne, Australia in 2015. She was inspired by Grimm's fairy tale, The Maiden without Hands, which I have always been fascinated by. She specifically reenacts the moment she is told to flee the kingdom with the newborn prince to escape the devil's false message that she be executed. She has removable sterling silver hands, as given to her by the king, but she still carries her chopped off hands on her back and the prince in a sling."

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