Friday, May 12, 2017

Identity Theater Examines Body Image in Linnehan's 'Sleeping Ugly' (June NYC)

You know those times you wish you were closer to New York City to visit? This is one of them. Identity Theater Company (ITC) is "a group of differently abled artists devoted to exploring and challenging issue of the human condition," and is taking a look at body image, the perception of beauty, and therefore power, status and acceptability, in a different take on Sleeping Beauty.

We want to take all the children...

Press release:
Nicholas Linnehan has reworked a age-old fairy tale to suit our modern world.
The character formerly known as Sleeping Beauty wakes up in a world where warts are in fashion ... and she has them. While she's en vogue, she can't wrap her brain around this drastic change, nor can anyone around her. "Sleeping Ugly," as she has renamed herself, flees her village and bumps into the Ugly Duckling, who, like Sleeping Beauty/Ugly, is the subject of bullying for his appearance. The two become fast friends. 
Meanwhile, the Ogress Queen, here called Malificent, is still obsessed with being the fairest of them all. She believes that Sleeping Ugly's new fashionable warts hold the key to her problem. She strikes a deal with Sleeping Ugly to take her warts. As part of the deal the Ugly Duckling will get to become a beautiful swan. Malificent casts a spell and each character gets exactly what they want, or do they? They've all gotten what they want but will they live happily ever after? Sleeping Ugly examines the concepts of beauty and body image and social presences regarding them. 
ITC strives to present works that cultivate understanding, promote tolerance, and engage its participants in meaningful discussions. 
Identity Theater presents Sleeping Ugly; written and directed by Nicholas Linnehan in a special showing on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 7 pm at 215 East 99th Street @ The Underground Theater. Tickets: $12. RSVP to
While we're on the topic, we'd like to highlight another company that's encouraging people to take another look at how we consider ourselves and others. They're called The Ugly Duckling Inc and encourage healthy body image, particularly for those struggling with self-esteem and eating disorders. The company was inspired by Jennifer Morrison's character, Emma Swan, on ABC's fairy tale series Once Upon A Time.
This is an initiative inspired by Jennifer Morrison of Once Upon a Time. In February, 2013, Jennifer gave her Twitter supporters the name #TheUglyDucklings, explaining: “The idea behind The Ugly Ducklings is truly about self-identity and beauty. The story shows that sometimes life gives us challenges before we discover our true selves. The Ugly Ducklings is meant to suggest beauty, love and fullness of life in the end. It’s all about the journey”.
You can read more about Ugly Duckling Inc HERE, and all the work they've done to help people become healthier in mind and body. We're not sure what the current status is though, as they have been a little quiet for the past year or so.


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