Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Steampunked Cinderella by Goro Fujita

Steampunk Cinderella by Goro Fujita
This was created for a CG artists Steampunk Myths & Legends challenge in 2008/2009 and a few entries turned out to be fairy tales. I ended up posting a few but didn't get to showing this Cinderella one. What better time than when everything Cinderella is new again?

(I cannot quite believe this has been in my draft folder for nearly six years (!) but here is a steampunk Cinderella, waiting for her time to come again to finally be seen...)

The artist, Goro Fujita,  decided his steampunk fairy tale heroine would make a better escape in a hot air pumpkin - I really hope she touched down before the last stroke of 12!

Neat how Cinderella and he hot air balloon match. by the way - if you look at the close-up of the dress (just click on the image), you can see gear patterns on her dress (almost like lacy snowflakes).

I liked the original concept of the steampunk coach too, but the pumpkin hot air balloon concept is pretty innovative and fits the genre very well.

You can read the artist's concept for the story in a steampunk world HERE too, and hear the music his brother was inspired to create for it as well (talented family!). I would have liked to have seen something really different with the shoe, (she obviously forsook the standard steampunk lace-up boots for this ball) but I think the hot air balloon might work to distract from the shoe for everyone initially.

You can see the progression of concept to design to final HERE.

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