Monday, April 5, 2010

Lissy Elle's Imagination

Photographer, Lissy Elle, has done some really nice work in capturing the whimsy of childhood imagination and other fantasies in her "Let's Play Pretend" photo set. While she does explore dark themes too, it's the imaginary play ones that are memorable for me. Here are my favorites.
There are many more on Trendhunter, where she's currently being profiled for her fairy tale-like work.
She also has a Flickr account HERE, with even more dreamlike images.Takes me back... :)

Note: Not all her pictures are sweet daydreams. She explores darker themes too.


  1. Great find! I especially like the first one's colors.

  2. looks pretty and magical ^^
    I´m going to check her flirk!! thanks for this info.
    take care

  3. these images have such a wonderful magical ffel to them, what an imagination. thank you for sharing

  4. Gorgeous work! I always love finding another fairy tale illustrator. Thanks! You have a wonderful blog here. As an illustrator, you have a site full of inspiration.

  5. These are impossibly beautiful! I am so glad the semester is over and I can go back to reading my favorite blogs!

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