Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fairy Tale News New Year's Bumper Edition: Friends and other fairy tale people

  • The Magic Nutshell - new-to-me blog by fellow folklore nut, 'Genie of the Shell'! She also writes fairy tale related articles (see HERE for an interesting entry to get you started) and posts excerpts from her fairy tale retellings for you to read and comment on.
  • Golden Apples With Silver Leaves - new translation of a Swedish fairy tale by Tea Doom. From the writer: "... I decided to do this little thing where I translate one myth or legend from each of Sweden's 25 provinces; some of them are very general, other special for the area they hearken from, and some I just found really nifty. I've posted a link to a map of all the provinces in each post, so you'll have a clue of where they are from". (Via an LJ Community Told This Time post HERE, where there are links to more translated tales.)
Delicate Splendour by Sarah Goodnough

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