Thursday, April 2, 2009

Once Upon A Blog...

Once upon a time, a girl who loved fairy tales decided to put together a blog to collect and share all the wonderful fairy tale related news and things she came across in her wanderings around the world (wide web) and on her walks through the woods (and suburbs).

She determinedly put her writer-hat aside, saving it for her two 'official' writing blogs, and firmly slapped on her I-just-love-fairy-tales-hat. This blog, she decided, would be full of wonderful things and signposts (links) to point blog-travelers to the source of fairy tale nuggets (sites) and magic (people), handed to those who linger (you).

Here there will be no tests of wit (complicated instructions) and no riddles (lengthy commentary) to unravel - just enticements (short posts) for what lies beyond (images and brief descriptions) and directions (links and information) of how to get there.

Should your appetite for fairy tale discoveries be hungry for more, there is a list to the right (blogroll) of recommended ways through the wood (sites to visit). Should you take to wandering, never fear, this blog will remain upon this once (at


A confession: I uploaded a number of entries before making this public so there'd be plenty of content to start and back-dated this little introduction so it would appear at the beginning. As I was setting up my posts I found SurLaLune had just started a blog too so I will attempt not to overlap her content (very much - unless something is so super-cool I simply must include it, or didn't see she already had an entry on it). Enjoy them all!

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