Saturday, May 9, 2015

Man, Ballad Tropes Are Fun!

I saw this entry on Tumblr this week and found it hilarious so had to share. All the images are from the comic series by Charles Vess that was eventually released in the GORGEOUS book, shown at the top of the post.

From the Tam Lin Balladry Tumblr HERE:

man, ballad tropes are fun

  • Anything that begins “as I was a-walking” is probably not going to end well, which is at least a good two-thirds of the ones I know 

  • 366 days is the right length of time to wait before you give up on anything 

  • If you’re going to drown somebody, for God’s sake weigh the body down with rocks or something so nobody comes along and MAKES A F-ING HARP OUT OF IT ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS because that harp is going to drop the dime on you so fast 

  • The Queen of the Fairies has a hoarding problem

I am STILL laughing.

1 comment:

  1. LOL hoarding problem XD
    How about "tragic love makes the best fertilizer for suspiciously goal-oriented rose bushes"?