Saturday, March 21, 2015

Disney Fairy Tale Movie Marathon (aka Princess Movies) on ABC Family This Weekend

HIstorical Cinderella Edit by Camile Eusse
something different - just for fun)
Need to catch up on your Disney (princess) fairy tales? There's a bunch showing on ABC Family this weekend:

Saturday, March 21, 2015:
The Princess and the Frog    - 5pm ET/PT 
The Little Mermaid                - 7pm ET/PT 
Sleeping Beauty                    - 8:45pm ET/PT 
Cinderella                              - 10:30pm ET/PT 

Sunday, March 22, 2015:
Pocahontas                           - 12:15am ET/PT (yes, VERY early/late!)
The Princess & the Frog       - 3pm ET/PT
The Little Mermaid                - 5pm ET/PT
Sleeping Beauty                    - 8:45pm ET/PT
Cinderella                              - 8:30p ET/PT
Pocahontas (again)               - 10:15pm ET/PT

(So we wouldn't expect Anna & Elsa - too soon - but where the heck are Snow White, Jasmine and Rapunzel - three princesses that had their status right from the beginning of the movie?)

Here's the programming pitch:
"Beginning this Saturday, March 21, at 5 p.m. ET/PT, ABC Family will be presenting “Princess Funday.” Princesses of all ages are encouraged to don their tiaras, raise their goblets, and celebrate “girl power” with a princess-packed viewing schedule of animated Disney classics. "
For Saturday that's not a "Funday". That's a sleepover at best. Not sure who in programming plans on having their "princess" up past midnight to watch Pocahontas, (or starting to watch a movie after 10pm on a school-the-next-day night!) but... if you need to catch up on those movies (or want to take the opportunity to DVR them) this is a good opportunity.

And there's a new Disney "Imagicadamy" that's promoting family fun play ideas on the Cinderella theme that have nothing to do with watching - or buying - anything. 

The activities suggested are:

  • Find the Shoe - treasure hunt
  • Wait for Midnight Noon - clothes change dash
  • Scrub the Floor (unless it's already part of their chores!)

You can read the game details HERE.


  1. Technically, Rapunzel was supposed to be a princess-by-marriage, too. If only Disney wasn't too busy copying the Barbie version of the story...tsk tsk....And since when the heck was Pocahontas a fairy tale!

    (Just to your blog, just love ranting on Disney whenever I can)

  2. One of the things I always talk about star wars rebels is the importance of story. I talk about how a narrative must flow, how it must make sense, how character motivation must drive the action, and the need of a satisfying conclusion. Disney movies have it all.