Thursday, November 5, 2020

Tick-Tock! Storied Imaginarium's Fairy Tale Salon With Timeless Tales' Tahlia Kirk Is TOMORROW, NOV 6 (Sign Up Now)

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When our partner Tahlia Kirk, Creator and Editor of Timeless Tales Magazine, gets involved with a fairy tale event, you know it's going to be good. Tomorrow, Tahlia will be the special guest for The Storied Imaginarium's November Fairy Tale Salon, talking tales and retellings with attendees. It's a chance to ask those questions you've always had about "what makes a good fairy tale retelling?" and "how do you make an old tale new again?" and, if you're a writer, to pick up some writing tips along the way.
Our Fairy Tale Salon series are online and interactive events (conducted via Zoom) during which you’ll get a chance to meet contemporary authors, editors, and illustrators who love fairy tales as much as you do! Each salon includes readings, an interview, an opportunity for you to ask our special guest questions, and a writing game! Come … join us in the land of faerie!
We're re-posting Tahlia's announcement below, in case you missed it, so you have her take on the fairy tale salon and why this will be such a unique opportunity. (And a little secret she doesn't mention: Tahlia is not only an excellent editor, she's a great storyteller and game master too! It's going to be a lot of fun.) 

If you're interested, don't hesitate to cick the link HERE and sign up! Not only is it tomorrow but spots are limited! (This is to allow for conversation and real dialogue among attendees and with the salon special guest.) Read on for details.

Tahlia Kirk Bohemian
By Tahlia Kirk

Spend an evening chatting about your favorite fairy tale at the Storied Imaginarium's virtual fairy tale salon on November 6 (Nov 7 for Australia).

We're evoking the elegant Parisian salon of 17th century France, when wealthy women hosted gatherings in their living rooms to discuss literature and write stories. One of the most popular parlor games played at these salons was to retell classic folktales. Storytellers would use fanciful language of fairy tales to slyly slip rebellious commentary on aristocratic culture past the court's censors. I hope to share some of my favorite counter-culture tales with you and talk about what makes a retelling resonate. While this is more of a meeting-of-minds than a formal writing workshop, I think all fans of the magical and whimsical will enjoy our time together. 

Seats are limited, so sign up now to save your spot!

(Pic is my envisioning of the type of outfit one might wear to a modern literary salon 😅)

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