Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Streaming Theater: "Disenchanted"s Witty Exposé of Fairy Tales Launches Virtual Events (Fri AEST / Thurs Late Night EST/PST)

This coming Thursday (Friday for Australia), there is a very special opportunity to take part in the newly revised, digital launch of the live stage show, "Disenchanted". Now that they've gone virtual, anyone anywhere in the world can see this hilarious and thought-provoking show! This Thursday/Friday, the virtual cocktail hour with creator and star of the show, Eliane Morel, will begin half an hour before the show, where folks are welcome to mingle and chat online with her, before live-streaming the show.

But what is Disenchanted
“France 1699 at the Salon of Madame d’Aulnoy (Eliane Morel), and Fairy Tales have joined the revolution!

Disenchanted is a cabaret retelling from those supporting fairy tale characters, unimpressed at the stories being told to the public… 

Madame d’Aulnoy guides you through an intimate, behind-the-scenes exposé of what's really going on in your favourite fairy tales. It’s an anthology of mini-stories laced with wit, laughter and a healthy dose of very early strong-willed women – those Féministes... 

Witty, musical, topical, and totally original, Disenchanted transports you to D'Aulnoy's 17th Century Parisian salon, hosted by the Godmother of fairy tales herself, where you learn Fairyland's secrets: the truth and nothing but the twisted truth about why the wolf was in Grandma’s bed, the Marxist philosophy of the Goose that lays the golden eggs, what those pigs in the building industry were really up to, why the so-called Ugly Sisters were robbed, why six of Bluebeard’s six wives died unnoticed, what this all has to do with revolution, and so much more! (Note: We've used an edited combo of various promotional materials for an overview and link the unique fairy tale show this is, with how it's evolved to adapt to bringing live theater to you during the pandemic.)
Here is the promo from the stage show (before we all went into lockdown):

And here's a promo from the NEWLY revised digital/online stage show. The different details are outlined from the press material via reviews: "... a new version of this magnifique showcase for Morel (where) the team embraces the opportunities of making a film... freeing up the visual staging imagination while keeping her biting wit intact: split-screen chats, animations, backgrounds, and especially gleeful fun with technical hiccups... Brillante. Not to be missed – join the fairy tale revolution immediately." 
Make sure you book a ticket, as the season is limited. Note that THIS THURS LATE NIGHT (FRIDAY AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time) is special because I've created a FaceBook event, and I'm hoping there will be quite a crowd. So, if you want to join in the fun, bring your pre-dinner drinks and enter the virtual 'foyer' at 5.30pm this Friday (10:30pm Thurs 12th PST/1:30am Fri 13th EST Thurs for US folks!), 13th November, book now:
Be sure to check your time zone conversions to make sure you don't miss it!

HOW IT WORKS (from an invitation via Ms. Morel):
This is how Melbourne Digital Fringe works: you can book any time, up to half an hour before each show starts. You’ll notice you can choose your price - ranging from $5 to $100 – OR - you can choose to get tickets for free and pay what you like after the show. Everyone has a different budget, so please pay what suits you.

You’ll then be sent an email link and, from 5.30pm (AEST), you can log on and be part of the pre-show crowd. So grab yourself a pre-dinner drink and 'mingle' while you wait for the show to start at 6pm. My team and I will be in that chat room on Monday 9th of Nov (AEST), and I’ll be there every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night (AEST).

I look forward to seeing you online!

“Sexy and subversive, audacious and hilarious, this show puts a knife in the back of traditional fairy tales." Katie Mac
"Irreverent, hilarious, cheeky the pace never slowed." Jan S.
“Brilliant at so many levels. I was blown away.” Moira S.
“Sharp, talented, mesmerising!” Greg N.

The project is supported by the NSW Government with a grant from Create NSW.

Warning: Contains mild coarse language, potentially triggering content or themes, including Domestic Violence, Sexual References

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