Saturday, November 7, 2020

A Kingdom Lost For A Drop Of Honey (A Very Relevant Folktale for Today)

This folktale from Thailand and Burma, sometimes titled "A Drop of Honey" or "Not My Problem" is perfect for where we're at as a society today. We'll leave you in the capable hands of writer and storyteller Margaret Read Macdonald, who includes it in her book Peace Tales: World Folktales to Talk About. It's a very short story and perfect to share with families too. 

We've found a lovely sequence of illustrations that are perfect to scroll slowly through if you'd like some illustrated visuals to accompany the storytelling. Just click play then scroll down. (If your video stops once you've scrolled beyond it, open it in a separate tab in YouTube, press play, then click back to the tab with this page and scroll slowly as the tales unfolds. It works wonderfully.)


There are variants of this story in other countries too, specifically Myanmar, Iran, and Armenia. There are even two lovely illustrated versions from Armenia, which you can see the covers for below the illustration sequence, though they're a little difficult to track down. 
The beautiful illustrations in this post are by Wenda Collins. Go give her a "like" on her page! We think this tale should be much better known and illustrations like hers make tales much easier to share!

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