Tuesday, April 21, 2020

"Rapunzel's Circle: Finding Enchantment Under Quarantine" - A New Fairy Tale & Folklore Course, Designed Specifically To Help Us Weather This Pandemic Storm

by Antonio Mora

Feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated, trapped and worried about so very many things?

Us too.

Having trouble finding magic in your days?

Us too.

Wishing fairy tales had answers or at least some refuge and hope?

We have something to offer!

Carterhaugh's School of Folklore and the Fantastic have gently been offering light and hope via social media, especially through their community on Facebook, on Instagram and sharing inspiring posts on their blog - which we recommend subscribing to.

As mentioned in a previous post, they've even offered a huge list of free resources aka "Rapunzel's Toolkit".

But now they're offering even more, specifically to help folks of the fairy tale and folkloric persuasion, in finding rest, solace, hope and community during this time of upheaval.

Fairy tale professors Dr. Sara Cleto and Dr. Brittany Warman have created a special course, designed to help RIGHT NOW:

"This course draws deeply on folklore and fairy tales to help you weather the storm. Our mission is to re-story you, to connect you to the community and combat loneliness, to inspire you creatively, and to help calm your restless mind.
(That is this-coming MONDAY folks!)
The course will include live lectures, an invitation to our private Facebook group, access to all the fairy tales we discuss, weekly fairy-tale incantations, and so much more. This course is, above all, about community. It is about coming together during a time of crisis and loneliness to meet with other, like-minded folk and form a space where compassion is alive and magic is still afoot. Your spark hasn’t gone out - we will find it together."
And if you want to take part but the last thing you feel you can manage is something else on your plate, you should know this course is designed, not as an intensive study, with tons of reading, huge projects or assignments but as something you can flit in and out of, whenever you find a few minutes of downtime. You can dip your toe in and get wonderfully refreshed in just for 10 minutes, or soak for a few hours and deep dive to your heart's content - it's up to you and the course allows for both approaches.

Here's an overview of what will be focused on in the weeks to come:

This 4 week course is being offered at a lower than usual price to be more accessible to folks, and Carterhaugh offers different payment plans to make it easier too.

It should also be noted that these courses are a GREAT way to find other fairy tale folk and become part of a community. You are not alone at home, or in your quirky folkloric and enchanted interests! There are many folks out there like you (like us!) and these courses are a great way to discover thoughtful and kind people from all over the world - and, importantly right now, in a very safe way. Connecting while social distancing is made possible through communities like this one and creates a great introduction for when we can wander the world safely again, perhaps this time to share coffee, tea and conversation with new friends.

Note: Rapunzel's Circle logo for Carterhaugh School of Folklore and the Fantastic by Cheryl Honeycutt


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post!! We should also mention that we're offering THREE full scholarships for this course, so please e-mail us at carterhaughschool@gmail.com or watch our Facebook group for more information on that :).

    1. We added a post to highlight your generosity! Thank you so much on behalf of the fairy tale community. x

  2. I have found the Carterhaugh School to be a lifesaver in this time of isolation and quarantine. Although I am no longer young, I don't ever remember a time like this where the whole world was affected by an unknown virus for which there is no reliable cure and no vaccine. I am an introvert and I enjoy solitude. During normal times I am creative and I always have several projects in the works. But now that I have time to devote to these pursuits, I find my energy is gone; a strange lassitude has come over me. I have trouble concentrating and my lovely little home by the woods is growing very dusty. Then I discovered Sara and Brittany and I woke up (like Briar Rose, no prince though) and entered the world again. I joined their new group and saw photos of fantastic art work, beautiful decorated spaces in forests, mysterious portals in the woods where we suspect faeries live, gorgeous gardens and best of all, I have made contact with so many women like me! I am inspired by them and they "get me." And now a new study is being offered which sounds fantastic. I have decided to stay awake and I'm cleaning my house. Who knows what could happen?

    1. So wonderful to hear about your re-entry into magic with help from Carterhaugh! I do love that this special portal have the most wonderful gatekeepers to guide people to enchantment in such lovely ways. Hope next week is extra wonderful for you in beginning the course and you continue to grow in energy. It's such a challenging time but you sound like you are budding with possibilities and new growth. Congratulations! And may the commnity help water your fresh beginnings. - G

  3. What a lyrical post, Gypsy; I love it. I hope lovely people like you will "water my fresh beginnings." I really needed inspiration.....and it appeared.