Sunday, April 1, 2018

Disney's 'The Lion King': Opening in Antarctica in 2019

A "Frozen Lion King"??

Here's the announcement:
For the first time, Disney's legendary stage musical, The Lion King, goes where no musical has gone before. The seventh continent. The Lion King has played on every continent except one. Opening on April 1st 2019, in a 2000 seat ice theatre, in Antarctica. Below, watch as the team behind Disney's The Lion King takes you behind the scenes as it plans its most challenging production ever. (BroadwayWorld)

We do love how people get on board with folklore and play with April Fool's Day, adding to the surreal world of possibilities on the one day of the year that people are constantly reminded to check their facts; something we think is important 365/366 days of the year.

That said, a Frozen Lion King doesn't sound completely ridiculous... ;)

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